Did You Know There’s A Digital Marketing Skills Shortage?


digital marketing skills

So here’s an amazing fact about the digital marketing space…. When you take a look at the global picture there are almost 3 billion people using the internet. That’s about 40% of the entire worlds population. Amazing!

We are more connected now that ever. Internet surfing options go way beyond a desktop, laptop, smartphone or a tablet. Now there are smart wearables; like wristbands, watches and bracelets.

With that many users, who by-the-way create an enormous amount of data, you can see why digital marketing jobs are growing faster than the industry can keep up. This is creating a talent gap for companies and organizations. On the other hand if you are searching for your dream job in digital marketing this talent gap creates a huge opportunity if you have the digital marketing skills that are in demand.

At the top of the list are these 5 digital marketing skills for job seekers to have on their resume:

  1. analytics – since big data is all the rage, companies are looking for resources with a vast array of analytics skills including Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
  2. mobile marketing – the use of mobile devices is expected to surge even higher in the next 3 years. Companies have been taken by surprise and now scrambling to find resources who know how to engage customers on their mobile devices.
  3. email marketing – this tried and true method is not going anywhere however companies are underestimating its usefulness to drive sales. They are searching for resources who know how to get people to open their email and increase conversions.
  4. content marketing – this tactic is about way more than creating a blog post. Content marketing is about strategizing how to repurpose a single piece of content in multiple forms across multiple marketing channels.
  5. social media – there are so many social media channels its hard to keep up what’s hot and what’s not. And companies and organizations have the same issue. Resources who understand how to use the right tools to leverage efforts across multiple channels are in demand.

If your company or organization hasn’t been able to hire the specialists you need or you are lacking in these digital marketing skills in-house our team has a pipeline of these resources waiting for you.

If you are trying to find your dream job but need to beef up your digital marketing skills then consider how you can further your education. Of course don’t overlook obtaining certifications. But you can read blogs that discuss digital marketing skills, attend conferences and take webinars too.

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