Are You Using Google Analytics to Turn Insights Into Action?

 Google Analytics

Is your company or organization keeping up with all the social media platforms? Does your business organization have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest? Is your team of digital marketers driving internet traffic by blogging, creating special reports, conducting webinars and teleseminars, posting blog comments, guest blog posting and getting media attention? NOTE: Click here If you need help finding your dream candidate to get these tasks done.


If your team is using one or more of these strategies, I am sure you realize marketing your company or organization online (or offline) can be very time consuming.

But, how much of all of your work and effort is actually generating traffic? Google Analytics can tell you.

Here is the thing; your company or organization needs certain information about visitors so you know 100% for sure which strategies are working or not. So what is the secret to help you achieve more from your efforts? Google Analytics!

Well, I call these the ABC’s of Google Analytics for driving internet traffic to your website.



Where does the web traffic come from?

This is not just about acquiring visitors. Your team SHOULD know exactly where they come from. There are many online marketing strategies you can be implementing to help with driving traffic to your website. However not knowing which strategy is generating the most traffic unfortunately your business or organization could be wasting time and money. So if your team is doing everything they can to gain visibility for your business you need to know what is working and what is not working.

Measuring acquisition, your company or organization can find out:

  • Which social network performs the best with referring traffic
  • Exactly how much traffic Google (and other search engines) sends
  • Which pages visitors go to directly by typing in the URL (web address)



What did the traffic do when they came to the website?

Marketing your company blog using social media is increasingly important so you have to monitor the impact and effectiveness of your efforts. When visitors come to your company website, you have goals for them to either read your content, share your content, sign up for your newsletter and/or make a purchase. You want to know how your content works in getting your visitors to accomplish your specific goals. Understanding their behaviors allows you see to which page design and content is most effective.

Monitoring behavior, your company or organization can find out:

  • Which social media buttons visitors are using to share content
  • The amount of time each visitor spends on the page
  • The exact pages that are the most socially shared



 What was the outcome of the visit?

Let me explain, a conversion is the completion of an activity on your site that is important to the success of your company or organization. For example, a conversion happens when a visitors registers for the newsletter or downloads a product they purchased. Tracking the conversion and monetary value of website traffic will help your company or organization understand the impact of using social media, blogging, and other marketing efforts on your business. The only way to truly find out how well your company or organization website is performing is to track the outcome of your visitors.

Tracking conversion, your company or organization can find out:

  • How much revenue you received from social media visitors
  • Which page generated the most newsletter subscriptions
  • How many visitors subscribed to your newsletter after reading a blog post

 Now that you know more about Google Analytics, do you want to builder a digital marketing team with these skills? Let us help you find your dream candidate today.

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